Hip Replacement Gone Wrong!


51 is fairly young to get a total hip replacement (THR). But alas, that is the predicament I found myself in. After several years of  pain and a failed arthroscopic surgery in October 2016 (which caused a massive DVT and PE), I found myself at a new surgeon’s office saying that due to my arthritis and other damage a THR was my best option.

November 29th was the day of my surgery. I awoke in the recovery room to a horrible feeling of my hip being dislocated. Xrays were done, and  the surgeon “popped me back into place” and I was sent to a hospital room. The rest of the day was spent with me making  still having this disgusting, stomach wrenching feeling of dislocation if I made any moves or god forbid try to stand on that foot. Later the surgeon again xrayed, adjusted me and then put me in this horribly uncomfortable abduction brace and sent me home for 10 days to see if things would get better.


Within 5 days I KNEW this wasn’t right! A hip that is brand new should not slip out of it’s socket at a moment’s notice. I was back to the surgeon and he agreed and scheduled me for surgery the following Monday.

It is now two days after surgery and I am home. I am so grateful that I don’t have to wear the brace. So far I have not dislocated. I am scared because I make certain movements that feel just awful and weird. I hope upon hope that those feelings are as normal as can be. The surgeon replaced my plastic liner with what is called a Constrained Liner. This apparently keeps you from dislocating. My fingers are crossed!

I am in that unlucky 2% that has such a complication. This is taking a great deal of mental stamina to remain positive about the outcome. This was a sidetrip on my life journey that I didn’t need…but it is what it is, right?!  I will make it through, however that may look.


By the way. if you have never had a hip replacement, I HIGHLY recommend these two items (besides the usual walker and/or crutches). My recovering life has been  made a bit easier because of these “assisted living” items:

These items in this kit give you a lot of independence. The sock gadget is awesome!

While you may not need a commode (or you may!!) this works great to place over your normal toilet seat and is raised and super sturdy and the handles are great!! Much better than just a raised seat.

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