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Laughter is….

Laughter is….

Not necessarily the best medicine, but pretty darn close.  The feeling in your body when you begin to giggle or full on snort is one that you can’t compare to really anything else! It’s quite lovely.

I have never watched the Ellen Degeneres Show. Not for any reason other than I am usually at work during that time so it has never been in my thought to catch the show. Well that changed during this surgery recovery. I happened upon her show the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing. Will Smith was on and I can’t remember who else, but I thought, “yes, Jenny, you need to record this show!” So I have.

Today, after a long tiring day including a trip to the doctor, PT exercises,  a phone meeting for work  and a visit from a coworker, I sat down to watch Ellen. I have been laughed and so enjoyed  this show. Sofia Vergara and Ellen are hilarious together and then Ellen and Barbra Streisand had quite the funny interview. I suppose lots of people watch shows and laugh and don’t think twice, but not me, not today. Today I fully noticed this experience.

Have you ever sat and FELT laughter? Your skin rather tingles, your eyes water just a little, your mouth turns up into a smile, your heart bounces around and your brain washes over with this feeling of….happiness. Scientists call this a response from endorphins. I just call it awesome!!


Laughter can change your mood, even if only for a moment. The endorphins that are released and your physical sensations can redirect your brain to a different, usually better place. It can make a dark inner place become bright. Again, if only for a moment, but sometimes that moment is just enough to give you a respite in what may be troubling you.

What do you like to watch that makes you laugh or filled with joy?  If you’re not sure, try watching something you may not normally think you would like. It may surprise you!



Nature Blowing in my Heart

Nature Blowing in my Heart



I couldn’t sleep last night – I mean at all!!! That’s not uncommon these days due to having a lot of issues with pain, but last night it was the wind, the amazing, beautiful, fierce wind.  I would have much preferred this windstorm during the day, but I take them when I can get them.

I LOVE the wind!  I live in a high desert region of the Western United States that is known for awesome weather, along with it the wind. I find it comforting, exciting, sometimes a bit nerve wracking, but always a piece of nature that I f endears my heart.  Yes, most people think I am crazy. I don’t know if I have ever met another person who is so enchanted by the howling and tree-whipping excitement that a good windstorm brings.

I have felt this way since I was a little girl. I lived near a school and park area that was not very wind prone, but when it did happen, I would leash up my dog and we would go out and run….run….run. In the wind. I loved the feeling of force pushing me along as I ran and turning around with my arms open wide and feeling like one strong gust would knock me over. I would call my dog over and see how happy she was as well. Her ears flopping up and down and her gait turning into a pure run of doggy joy.

I felt free.


To this day those feelings make their way inside me when I can be outside to feel the force and fury. I smile and laugh and tell people how awesome it is that we live where we can feel the wind. Again, they look at me a little odd. When I can’t be out in it,  I do whatever I can to experience it. If I lay in my bed at night and crack the window a little bit I can capture the whistling sounds as well as the almost thundering force of each new gust.


So that’s what kept me up last night, a good old fashioned wind storm. I must say I got a bit nervous when I thought I heard a tree crash down near the house, but all was well by daylight. And, my fence has yet again proved stronger than nature.

Do You like the wind? Why or why not? I would love to hear your weather adventures


Ambient Weather WS-2902 10-in-1 Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station with Internet Monitoring, Compatible with Alexa

Wind chimes are beautiful (but remember your neighbor might not think so!!)

Oh No! I am Niche-less!

Oh No! I am Niche-less!

What is a niche? Well I know what it is , but I can’t seem to find mine. I have been reading about blogging and they say (whomever “they” are), that in order to have a blog that is read by a lot of people it is good to have a niche or a main “category” for your blog. Mommy bloggers are very popular right now (see my daughter’s blog  MommysReaLife) and then there are photography bloggers, health and fitness bloggers, makeup and beauty bloggers, book lover bloggers, on and on and on.

Me? I can’t seem to figure out where I want to go with this. I am a 51 year old single woman with 4 kids that are almost all out of the house, and 3 beautiful grandkids. I work for a local non-profit as a Grants Manager. I don’t have any specific hobbies because I tend to jump from thing to thing to thing. My physical self has been having a hell of a time over the past few years as I sit here recovering from 2 surgeries on my hip.

I am a proud survivor of serious mental illnesses. I manage my mental health in a way that I never thought possible several years ago.. Hmmmm maybe I will write about that some day, but not right now. At least not today.

So do you see my conundrum? I enjoy writing, but I don’t have any specific topic that I want to dive into and become a blogger expert on that topic. I don’t necessarily want to make money on this blog (though, sure it would be rather nice to make a few bucks).

How have you handled finding your niche? Do you have any ideas for me or should I just keep writing a bit of whatever and see how this goes?

Thanks for reading and your comments are very much appreciated.


This photo shows a perfect, beautiful niche.


Dollar Store Trek

Dollar Store Trek

I have not been blogging very long, but it’s funny how some little thought comes into my mind and I decide to go with it and write a blog! I’m sure it isn’t always that easy for bloggers (thus the hundreds of lists on blogging prompts), but since my inner prompt is here today, I will begin!

So I asked my son if he would take me to the Dollar Store today. No big deal….on most days. But this was my first outing since all of this surgery mess I have been going through. I got dressed and even makeup and dosed myself with a pain med before we left.

This is not about my trip to the store. It’s about my son. He is 16 years old and while of course he isn’t always in the best mood (hahaha, nor am I), he has been the most caring and helpful person to me during this time of recovery. He doesn’t grouse when I need something, he checks in on me and offers to cook food for me. He gives me that little “you ok” text if I am obviously sounding a little more uncomfortable than other times. And today he walked right with me, well tiny step by tiny painful step that I made, and was ever so patient while I perused stocking stuffer items for my grandkids. When I could go no further and had to sit down, he finished the shopping and helped me back to the car.

I have four wonderful children and they are all trying to help when they can. My older son who is still at home pitches in as well which is great.  My girls are busy with their families, but  I know that if I really needed something, they would jump right in.

Luke is my youngest. I am so grateful for his help. His sweetness, his caring and his slow steady pace helps keep me moving forward. 16 year old boys don’t necessarily want to see their mother in pain, using a walker and all that goes along with recovery. But he is champ and I am so very blessed. Wow how a Dollar Store trip can fill be with such joy and pride! Priceless!!!

Here is Luke and I (lol at Chuck E Cheese!) – feels like yesterday when he was such a little cutie.


Yes, I think it will be.

Yes, I think it will be.

No, I am not smoking the marijuana while singing Bob Marley (though I do LOVE the song)!  I woke up this morning and realized that there is hope around the corner of this recovery. I am only 4 days after my second surgery and 16 days out from the actual hip replacement. Considering this, I am happy that I feel the pain lessening and the hope growing. I know there will still be bad days ahead, but for now, for this moment, I feel a bit better.

Have you had to go through a lengthy illness or surgery recovery? It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Your body gets sucked into the pain which can affect your mental health at the same time. It’s common for depression to set in and hope to be dismal. People tell you to feel positive, but you know what? We feel how we feel. Our thoughts are our thoughts and if they are negative at times, it’s ok.  Try to practice recognizing even small positives in the day, digging within your mind and heart to see a small spot of happiness…..or hope.

While I spend so much time resting, I think about what makes me happy during the day; texting my daughters, talking to my mom, enjoying a piece of chocolate, or seeing one more thing that I can do for myself that I couldn’t do yesterday. Recognizing those bits of positives during the day help me move forward, and I hope it can help you as well. Remember you may have that one step (or five) backwards after making two steps forward, but it’s ok. Keep moving forward.

And in honor of Bob Marley’s song of hope, here you go:


A bit of  wall decor for your room of rest (from Amazon)

Hip Replacement Gone Wrong!


51 is fairly young to get a total hip replacement (THR). But alas, that is the predicament I found myself in. After several years of  pain and a failed arthroscopic surgery in October 2016 (which caused a massive DVT and PE), I found myself at a new surgeon’s office saying that due to my arthritis and other damage a THR was my best option.

November 29th was the day of my surgery. I awoke in the recovery room to a horrible feeling of my hip being dislocated. Xrays were done, and  the surgeon “popped me back into place” and I was sent to a hospital room. The rest of the day was spent with me making  still having this disgusting, stomach wrenching feeling of dislocation if I made any moves or god forbid try to stand on that foot. Later the surgeon again xrayed, adjusted me and then put me in this horribly uncomfortable abduction brace and sent me home for 10 days to see if things would get better.


Within 5 days I KNEW this wasn’t right! A hip that is brand new should not slip out of it’s socket at a moment’s notice. I was back to the surgeon and he agreed and scheduled me for surgery the following Monday.

It is now two days after surgery and I am home. I am so grateful that I don’t have to wear the brace. So far I have not dislocated. I am scared because I make certain movements that feel just awful and weird. I hope upon hope that those feelings are as normal as can be. The surgeon replaced my plastic liner with what is called a Constrained Liner. This apparently keeps you from dislocating. My fingers are crossed!

I am in that unlucky 2% that has such a complication. This is taking a great deal of mental stamina to remain positive about the outcome. This was a sidetrip on my life journey that I didn’t need…but it is what it is, right?!  I will make it through, however that may look.


By the way. if you have never had a hip replacement, I HIGHLY recommend these two items (besides the usual walker and/or crutches). My recovering life has been  made a bit easier because of these “assisted living” items:

These items in this kit give you a lot of independence. The sock gadget is awesome!

While you may not need a commode (or you may!!) this works great to place over your normal toilet seat and is raised and super sturdy and the handles are great!! Much better than just a raised seat.