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Goals, Non-Goals…it’s all good!!

Goals, Non-Goals…it’s all good!!

I am again taking a bit of a change from the 30 day challenge, especially since it is New Year’s eve. This time of year always seems to be about organization and goal planning and getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. I remember as a teenager making lists on my goals for the upcoming year only to realize that I never stuck to them. So I stopped doing that. I realized that the way my brain and life work are not as structured as sticking to lists. I would rather have general ideas for goals and not let myself down if I don’t achieve them.


On this New Year’s Eve I am thinking about the future and how things may evolve over time. Since I am laid up and not able to do much of anything physical, my mind has time to mull things over. That can be a positive, but also has it’s negatives. So here are some of my thoughts as I ponder life in the next year:

  1. I am happy with where my mental health is at. I don’t always have good days (who doesn’t have a bad day at times!), but overall I am at a place that I am managing my mental illnesses (Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder) very successfully. I even consider the fact that I don’t fall into the criteria for BPD like I used to. I take a combination of medications that works right for me and I use the tools I have learned over the years to manage my stress better, my self-injury urges and overall daily living. HOORAY!!!!!
  2. My physical health is still uncertain. My hip replacement gone wrong is starting to heal after the second surgery. I would love to say my goal is to hike and bike and walk and walk some more, but honestly I am not convinced yet. My physical therapist is being positive but even she is unsure how my healing will go because I had such an unusual situation. So, for now I will continue my exercises, push myself a little more when I feel up to it and hope that the coming year gives me healing and comfort from this pain.
  3. I would like to make some kind of goals for my future. Hahaha, I know I just said I didn’t make goals, but I don’t know, I am trying to figure out SOMETHING!  I am 51 years old and don’t really have a direction in life. I have a decent job. My youngest child is almost 17 so he won’t me home for many more years, I love being a grandma but I also know my kids have their own lives and I am not part of that on a daily basis. I am single which may play a bigger role than I realize in my feeling a bit lost in my future mind. I don’t know, I guess I don’t know what I am supposed to Do or Be at this juncture in life and moving forward. Do you have a way to goal set for a 50+ single woman? Would love your comments and ideas.
  4. Writing this blog is making me happy. I know I have only been writing for a few weeks, but I really do enjoy it. I am hoping as I move forward with it I can write about mental health and offer ideas and thoughts and insight into my own struggles and achievements with mental illness. I know it helps reading or hearing about someone who has “lived it.” I would like to give back because others have helped me so much over the years.

Other than what I have mentioned I don’t have any big goals or dreams for the year. Yes, a clean closet and a garage sale and general organization in the house would be great, but I am not holding myself accountable if that doesn’t get done.


Tell me about your plans for 2018, or your non-plans!!! To all of my readers I wish you a happy and healthy 2018. I know there will be tough times during the year, but  I encourage you to seek out people who you enjoy, silence and Peace that is essential and to be gentle with yourself.


51 is Not Old!! (I don’t think so!)

51 is Not Old!! (I don’t think so!)

So let’s see, is 51 considered old? I’m sure there are the teenagers and young 20’s who would say “YES! Anyone over 50 is getting up there!”  Then there are those of us in our 50’s saying “God, I hope not! I’m not ready to be old.”  And then the group in their 70’s and 80’s who agree that being in your 50’s a far cry from being old.

For me, it depends on the day and the circumstances. I decided to let my hair go gray this year and while I receive a lot of compliments, I look at mySelf and realize HOW gray I am and the feeling of age creeps into my mind. Also, I am a true believer that if your body feels good, your mind feels younger. Unfortunately for me, I have gone through 4-5 years with a body that HURTS…..a LOT!! It makes me feel old, old, and older, but I try to look at the fact that I am doing things to “unhurt” my body. 2 major hip surgeries in the past two weeks is supposed to help. I am waiting patiently to see if that is the case. Pain does terrible things to our mental health and recognizing what toll pain can take on your  mind is good way to shake the cycle of pain vs. age. Understanding how our body, mind and soul function is very important as we look at how we are aging.

I became a grandma 2 ½ years ago to this amazing red-headed little boy who is so very precious to me. Follow that with my little blonde curly-haired sweet granddaughter and a brand new grandson just a couple of months ago. These amazing little children have stolen my heart. I first thought that being a grandma would make me feel older. But it did the exact opposite. When I spend time with them, hear their laughter and see their smiles, have them snuggle  up in my lap or want to show me their latest toy or achievement – I feel so much love, so much joy, and I feel younger! It’s a beautiful thing being a grandparent. I never knew what an impact it would have on me.




So 51, is it old? I really don’t think so. There are times that I look back on my life and see so much that has happened and depending on the moment, I feel sad, but more often filled with melancholy. Rather than looking back  I know that it is time for me to really set some goals or plans for the future. I hope once my body feels better, my mind will feel younger, more often. And while looking at the future is important, looking at the Right Now is just as important. Finding positives in each day and understand that the negatives are ok to have as well.

I would love to know what stage you are in life. Do you plan for the future and if so how do you go about organizing how to achieve your  goals or dreams or desires?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day


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