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Yes, I think it will be.

Yes, I think it will be.

No, I am not smoking the marijuana while singing Bob Marley (though I do LOVE the song)!  I woke up this morning and realized that there is hope around the corner of this recovery. I am only 4 days after my second surgery and 16 days out from the actual hip replacement. Considering this, I am happy that I feel the pain lessening and the hope growing. I know there will still be bad days ahead, but for now, for this moment, I feel a bit better.

Have you had to go through a lengthy illness or surgery recovery? It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Your body gets sucked into the pain which can affect your mental health at the same time. It’s common for depression to set in and hope to be dismal. People tell you to feel positive, but you know what? We feel how we feel. Our thoughts are our thoughts and if they are negative at times, it’s ok.  Try to practice recognizing even small positives in the day, digging within your mind and heart to see a small spot of happiness…..or hope.

While I spend so much time resting, I think about what makes me happy during the day; texting my daughters, talking to my mom, enjoying a piece of chocolate, or seeing one more thing that I can do for myself that I couldn’t do yesterday. Recognizing those bits of positives during the day help me move forward, and I hope it can help you as well. Remember you may have that one step (or five) backwards after making two steps forward, but it’s ok. Keep moving forward.

And in honor of Bob Marley’s song of hope, here you go:


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