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Love to Binge (watch)!

Love to Binge (watch)!

Hello and Happy New Year!! I hope today finds you healthy and filled with Peace. It was a quiet New Year’s for me, though I did hear firecrackers go off around the neighborhood. I am thankful that my dogs don’t suffer from the panic of fireworks. I always feel so sad thinking about dogs that are in this state of fear and they just can’t do anything about it. Even us humans can have a very hard time dealing with certain fears. It takes a lot of mindful thinking to be able to get through moments that we just think are unbearable. And those that have panic attacks….they are horrid. I suffered from them for years and years;  they just happen upon you  when you are least expecting it and you don’t know why. It takes hard work, but you can learn to understand what is going on when you are in such a state of panic and start to calm yourself. So back, to the poor dogs, I wish they could calm themselves in those times of fear.

Here is my Cooper when he was baby…so darn cute I just had to share.

cooper puppy.jpg

I rather digressed from my topic at hand. Today I am asked about TV viewing. Do I binge watch shows? Yes, not all of the time, but yes. I grew up in the days of just plain tv – no Netflix or Hulu or Amazon. Besides being able to watch episodes one after another, the absolute best invention in TV history is that pause button!  To be able to pause live TV!! I was astounded when that feature came to pass – AMAZING!! I can pause to talk to someone, I can pause and skip commercials, I can even rewind from my pause to watch something again!!  When I was recently in the hospital the tv didn’t have a pause button. I realized how much I use it and how awesome it really is.

So what am I watching these days?

1.Grey’s Anatomy – my oldest daughter got me on this show a few years ago. She convinced me to give it a try, and I was hooked!! I spent a whole summer binge watching the seasons – gosh were there 11 at the time?  And she and I were both so excited when it came back to television with new seasons that are just as good.  I am (im)patiently waiting for the next season


2. Downton Abbey – I never could watch it because it was not on live streaming, or so I thought. I just found it last week on Amazon Prime Video for free! I am so happy because being laid up, I really needed a good long show to watch and this is great! I love the show and the costumes are just beautiful as well as the scenery.


3. MSNBC – this is my go-to news channel to watch when I am not watching local news. I like most of the reporters, but UGH! Can these news channels talk about anything besides politics?  It get’s so very tiring. At least watching my local news and then ABC Nightly News can bring a bit of diversity to the news.  I do enjoy watching Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. Great guests? Great Topics? Interesting Interviews?  Yes that is true, but I mostly watch it because Chuck Todd is so damn cute!!!! Hahahaha, it’s true!



4. San Francisco 49ers – they have been my team for probably 40 years!!! Oh goodness I feel old!  But I love watching them. A few weeks ago, my Dish programming didn’t have them on (see my blog.Who me? Frustrated?. I guess I wasn’t the only person upset because their games are back on my channels. Oh and is it ok to mention cute again? Our new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo makes our losing season a bit more bearable to watch.


So that’s about all that I have on my TV these days. Do I like to binge watch?  Yes, it has its positives. What about you?  What shows do you enjoy? Do you have certain genres of shows that you like depending on your mood?  Let me know!


Who me? Frustrated? Annoyed?

Who me? Frustrated? Annoyed?

Do you ever have that little thing that just annoys the sh!t out of you? Something you plan for and then things totally get messed up? Well that was my afternoon and I’m still feeling grumpy!!!

If you have read any of my first few blog posts, you will know that I am recovering from 2 surgeries that have left me pretty laid up and not able to walk hardly at all. My brother came up to see me this weekend which was great! We had a lot of nice times to chat and he also took my boys to see Star Wars which they all loved (and yes, I was a little envious!!) Anyway, I woke up this morning after another restless night’s sleep and felt discouraged, tired (exhausted more like), and just wanted to look forward to a good afternoon football game. I felt I was not the greatest company to my brother this morning, and he said that I wasn’t supposed to entertain him!! But I still felt rather poopy. I hoped that watching the game cheering would help my frame of mind.

So…the football game… I love NFL football. I am not a diehard fan to all the teams and stats, etc, but I AM a diehard 49ers fan. I remember being a little girl and my mom and I cheering Montana, Clark, Rice and everyone else to many victories. No, I know they aren’t doing very well this year, but a fan, I will always be.


Where I live, I get all of the 49ers games, always. Or so I thought. I know I am rambling about this, but I was soooooo upset 1:25pm arrived and there was a different game on!!! What the hell? How could they do this??? To Me? (Well, ok that is a little dramatic!!) But it made me so angry and frustrated and like I was 2 years old not getting what I wanted.
I know, it’s only a football game, but it was that little thing that just annoyed me to no end. Since I am fairly immobile these days I look forward to a little thing such a game.

Alas, I went to my room to pout, to try and sleep, only to hear my 18 year old son being pissed off at the world because his new tv wasn’t working, to hearing my cat incessantly scratch on my door to get fed…hmmmm I think something is in the air around here!!!

So I guess that is enough of my grousing. It looks like it is the 4th qtr and the niners are ahead!!! Good for them and I am cheering in my mind.
Share with me some little frustration that tackled your mind today. Luckily, the annoying feelings go away, but they sure aren’t fun when we are in the midst of them

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