A bit about me…

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Hello! I am a 51 year old single woman and have 4 amazing children and 3 perfect grandchildren. I work for a non-profit that focuses on social services and assistance to rural counties and I thankful for the opportunity I have to a part of this collaboration.

Just as we all have our bumps along the road of life, I too have struggled with many different issues and times in my life when the darkness wanted to swallow me up, but, I FOUGHT back and didn’t let that happen. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder and I am now at a place in my life where I can see the positives every day and can live more in “the moment” than ever before. Lving with mental illness isn’t always easy, but you CAN learn to manage your life and LIVE your life alongside your illness.

As I am currently living through a very complicated hip replacement surgery, I have a lot of time on my hands which can be challenging, mentally and physically. I so hope that the upcoming year will bring me better physical health, But while I am slowly healing, I can take this time to reflect on me (in a good way) and possilby look at goals for the future, about my needs and wants and desires for now and write about them as I go.

I love to write, and I hope if you are joining me on this written journey you can take time to look at your own inner self and discover pieces of “you” that may have been hiding and are ready to come out and instill a new goal within you, a new sense of peace, or whatever you may be searching for.