I don’t like this one!!!!

I don’t like this one!!!!

So, today’s challenge question is about music. Don’t get me wrong, I love so many different kinds of music, but I am supposed to list my 10 favorite songs for right now, for this moment. There are definitely times in my life when I listen to a lot more music than others. I get into some genre kick like country or pop or classical and listen, listen, listen. I don’t seem to be on that kick right now. While I am healing from surgery, you would think I would have music on all the time, but I don’t.silence

One thing I enjoy is having Amazon Alexa handy to talk to. She is not as entertaining as Siri but I can ask her to play music and we do play games together every once and awhile. These days it seems like I am wanting quiet music, both at home and at work. I haven’t really mentioned worked to you because I am still cooped up in my house for a few more weeks, but when I AM at work, I need PEACE in my headphones. I work in a very noisy place, so if and when I can, I find solitude in soft music, or yes, even white noise!  If you are a person like me who is very sound sensitive, try listening to white noise in your headphones. There are many different kinds and it’s amazing how it can drown out what’s around you and you also don’t have to “think about” what you are listening to, if that makes sense.


I guess this blog questions is not a real exciting one for me, or else I am a wee bit boring with music right now. I like NPR when I am in the car and usually just silence at home.

I know those of us with mental illnesses can have a hard time with noise or music or what have you. Our brains can be going 5,000 miles an hour at times and adding one more thing like music can be somewhat unpleasant.

What type of music do you listen to? Or do you like the background of tv? Let me know!!



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