Laughter is….

Laughter is….

Not necessarily the best medicine, but pretty darn close.  The feeling in your body when you begin to giggle or full on snort is one that you can’t compare to really anything else! It’s quite lovely.

I have never watched the Ellen Degeneres Show. Not for any reason other than I am usually at work during that time so it has never been in my thought to catch the show. Well that changed during this surgery recovery. I happened upon her show the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing. Will Smith was on and I can’t remember who else, but I thought, “yes, Jenny, you need to record this show!” So I have.

Today, after a long tiring day including a trip to the doctor, PT exercises,  a phone meeting for work  and a visit from a coworker, I sat down to watch Ellen. I have been laughed and so enjoyed  this show. Sofia Vergara and Ellen are hilarious together and then Ellen and Barbra Streisand had quite the funny interview. I suppose lots of people watch shows and laugh and don’t think twice, but not me, not today. Today I fully noticed this experience.

Have you ever sat and FELT laughter? Your skin rather tingles, your eyes water just a little, your mouth turns up into a smile, your heart bounces around and your brain washes over with this feeling of….happiness. Scientists call this a response from endorphins. I just call it awesome!!


Laughter can change your mood, even if only for a moment. The endorphins that are released and your physical sensations can redirect your brain to a different, usually better place. It can make a dark inner place become bright. Again, if only for a moment, but sometimes that moment is just enough to give you a respite in what may be troubling you.

What do you like to watch that makes you laugh or filled with joy?  If you’re not sure, try watching something you may not normally think you would like. It may surprise you!



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