Nature Blowing in my Heart

Nature Blowing in my Heart



I couldn’t sleep last night – I mean at all!!! That’s not uncommon these days due to having a lot of issues with pain, but last night it was the wind, the amazing, beautiful, fierce wind.  I would have much preferred this windstorm during the day, but I take them when I can get them.

I LOVE the wind!  I live in a high desert region of the Western United States that is known for awesome weather, along with it the wind. I find it comforting, exciting, sometimes a bit nerve wracking, but always a piece of nature that I f endears my heart.  Yes, most people think I am crazy. I don’t know if I have ever met another person who is so enchanted by the howling and tree-whipping excitement that a good windstorm brings.

I have felt this way since I was a little girl. I lived near a school and park area that was not very wind prone, but when it did happen, I would leash up my dog and we would go out and run….run….run. In the wind. I loved the feeling of force pushing me along as I ran and turning around with my arms open wide and feeling like one strong gust would knock me over. I would call my dog over and see how happy she was as well. Her ears flopping up and down and her gait turning into a pure run of doggy joy.

I felt free.


To this day those feelings make their way inside me when I can be outside to feel the force and fury. I smile and laugh and tell people how awesome it is that we live where we can feel the wind. Again, they look at me a little odd. When I can’t be out in it,  I do whatever I can to experience it. If I lay in my bed at night and crack the window a little bit I can capture the whistling sounds as well as the almost thundering force of each new gust.


So that’s what kept me up last night, a good old fashioned wind storm. I must say I got a bit nervous when I thought I heard a tree crash down near the house, but all was well by daylight. And, my fence has yet again proved stronger than nature.

Do You like the wind? Why or why not? I would love to hear your weather adventures


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