Day: December 18, 2017

Dollar Store Trek

Dollar Store Trek

I have not been blogging very long, but it’s funny how some little thought comes into my mind and I decide to go with it and write a blog! I’m sure it isn’t always that easy for bloggers (thus the hundreds of lists on blogging prompts), but since my inner prompt is here today, I will begin!

So I asked my son if he would take me to the Dollar Store today. No big deal….on most days. But this was my first outing since all of this surgery mess I have been going through. I got dressed and even makeup and dosed myself with a pain med before we left.

This is not about my trip to the store. It’s about my son. He is 16 years old and while of course he isn’t always in the best mood (hahaha, nor am I), he has been the most caring and helpful person to me during this time of recovery. He doesn’t grouse when I need something, he checks in on me and offers to cook food for me. He gives me that little “you ok” text if I am obviously sounding a little more uncomfortable than other times. And today he walked right with me, well tiny step by tiny painful step that I made, and was ever so patient while I perused stocking stuffer items for my grandkids. When I could go no further and had to sit down, he finished the shopping and helped me back to the car.

I have four wonderful children and they are all trying to help when they can. My older son who is still at home pitches in as well which is great.  My girls are busy with their families, but  I know that if I really needed something, they would jump right in.

Luke is my youngest. I am so grateful for his help. His sweetness, his caring and his slow steady pace helps keep me moving forward. 16 year old boys don’t necessarily want to see their mother in pain, using a walker and all that goes along with recovery. But he is champ and I am so very blessed. Wow how a Dollar Store trip can fill be with such joy and pride! Priceless!!!

Here is Luke and I (lol at Chuck E Cheese!) – feels like yesterday when he was such a little cutie.