Who me? Frustrated? Annoyed?

Who me? Frustrated? Annoyed?

Do you ever have that little thing that just annoys the sh!t out of you? Something you plan for and then things totally get messed up? Well that was my afternoon and I’m still feeling grumpy!!!

If you have read any of my first few blog posts, you will know that I am recovering from 2 surgeries that have left me pretty laid up and not able to walk hardly at all. My brother came up to see me this weekend which was great! We had a lot of nice times to chat and he also took my boys to see Star Wars which they all loved (and yes, I was a little envious!!) Anyway, I woke up this morning after another restless night’s sleep and felt discouraged, tired (exhausted more like), and just wanted to look forward to a good afternoon football game. I felt I was not the greatest company to my brother this morning, and he said that I wasn’t supposed to entertain him!! But I still felt rather poopy. I hoped that watching the game cheering would help my frame of mind.

So…the football game… I love NFL football. I am not a diehard fan to all the teams and stats, etc, but I AM a diehard 49ers fan. I remember being a little girl and my mom and I cheering Montana, Clark, Rice and everyone else to many victories. No, I know they aren’t doing very well this year, but a fan, I will always be.


Where I live, I get all of the 49ers games, always. Or so I thought. I know I am rambling about this, but I was soooooo upset 1:25pm arrived and there was a different game on!!! What the hell? How could they do this??? To Me? (Well, ok that is a little dramatic!!) But it made me so angry and frustrated and like I was 2 years old not getting what I wanted.
I know, it’s only a football game, but it was that little thing that just annoyed me to no end. Since I am fairly immobile these days I look forward to a little thing such a game.

Alas, I went to my room to pout, to try and sleep, only to hear my 18 year old son being pissed off at the world because his new tv wasn’t working, to hearing my cat incessantly scratch on my door to get fed…hmmmm I think something is in the air around here!!!

So I guess that is enough of my grousing. It looks like it is the 4th qtr and the niners are ahead!!! Good for them and I am cheering in my mind.
Share with me some little frustration that tackled your mind today. Luckily, the annoying feelings go away, but they sure aren’t fun when we are in the midst of them

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