To Read? I can’t read!!

To Read? I can’t read!!

Well, actually I CAN read and a very competent reader at that. But what is happening right now? In this moment? I can’t focus on reading and it is irritating me to no end. I have a Kindle full of books, a shelf full of books and I just cannot get going.

I shouldn’t be so hard on mySelf. I had have had two major surgeries in less than two weeks and I suppose that pain and pain management is taking precedence over everything else. What stinks is that I basically cannot walk, I live in my bedroom and I would just like to send my mind off into the world of a good story. Have you ever had this happen to you? I have gone through many periods in my life when reading is just not happening….being a young mother to 4 children, working my way through college, states of mental health when my focus has been just all a-mush, and this, physical healing keeping my mental mind floating in a place where picking up a good book is not in the cards.

I know this will pass. It always does. So in the meantime I will focus on healing my body and mindlessly watch the Food Network or the news.


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