Month: September 2017

Oooohhh it’s dark!

Oooohhh it’s dark!

The clouds are just crazy-ass dark this evening!! I love it!! There are times in my life when I might look at the clouds and relate them to the darkness of life. But not tonight. They are beautiful and show impending weather that might be exciting. I love the weather…well maybe not the 100 degree heat, but all other weather and seasons. I am hopeful that tonight these dark clouds may bring some thunder or more.

The Sierra Club always publishes such beautiful calendars every year:

Me, again…

Hello! Today is the day and the moment is now! Through a whim of helping my daughter start a blog, I decided to start one as well – again. I so wish I had the old blog I wrote. There were some treasured words in those pages, but I neglected my WordPress account and the blog is gone.

I really don’t know if I will write often, or never again. But for now, for this moment, I am writing and it feels good.